Points of Interest in Fairview Cemetery

Fairview Cemetery  in Hyde Park was established in 1892 and is a wonderful place to wander for exercise, nature and history. The Friends of the Hyde Park Library and the Hyde Park Historical Society have prepared a self guided  tour of gravesites and monuments of interest. The decision to do this developed from interest generated by the fund raising project to purchase a grave stone for Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler, the 1st Black women physician in the US. (1864).   You can learn about this successful Crumpler Fund  project at friendshplibrary.org.

Learn about some of the people buried in Fairview Cemetery by downloading  this  self guided tour.


Seaman W. Hughson Royal Naval Reserves. Born in Scotland. Died of the Spanish Flu aboard ship in 1918. Listed in the Commonwealth (countries) War Graves Commission. 

Rebecca Crumpler (1831-1895) The 1st Black woman physician in the U.S. In 1884 wrote A Book of Medical Discourses in Two Parts. 

Arthur Crumpler (1835-1910) Escaped from slavery in Virginia. Perpetual student, church activist and HP landowner since 1870. 

Adolph Robert Kraus (1850-1901) German American sculptor known for the Boston Massacre Memorial on the Boston Common and monuments (Randidge, Wirth, Heinzen) in Forest Hills Cemetery.

 Emma Thomas Bond (1846-1926) Enslaved in VA. Moved North in 1870. Matriarch of Homelands and Waterways: The American Journey of the Bond Family 1846-1926 by Adele Logan Alexander (1999). 

USS Maine Memorial This plaque was made from metal salvaged from the ship that was destroyed in Havana Harbor on 2/15/1898, shortly before the start of Spanish-American War. 

Joseph King Knight (1849-1927) President MA Dental Assoc. Major role on the building committees for the Congregational Church (1910), the Civil War monument (1911) and the HP railroad station (1914). 

John Robert Bond (1846-1905) Biracial teenager from Liverpool, enlisted in the Union Navy. Active in HP and the veteran’s community. His family were friends with the Crumplers and the Trotters.

Civil War Monument (1911) MH Mosman’s walking figure is quite different from the usual uniformed, solemn standing soldier. 

Amos Brainard (1824-1905) Brainard Milling Machine Co. Owner of many manufacturing patents. The 1st president of the HPHS. 

John Joseph Enneking (1841-1916) Born in Ohio, wounded in the Civil War (Union). Studied fine art painting in Boston and alongside Monet and Renoir in France. Described as the first successful American Impressionist painter. Known for his New England landscapes and richly painted atmospheric sunsets. 

Charles F. Jenney (1835-1900) Lawyer, judge, HP library trustee and Founder of the HP Historical Society.

David Higgins (1828-1897) Born in PEI, Canada. Served with the 6th Mass. Inf. Reg. Built many of the first homes on Fairmount Hill. His parlor on Fairmount Avenue was the 1st neighborhood classroom. 

Thomas M. Menino (1942-2014) Five Term Mayor of Boston from 1993 to 2014. A lifelong resident of HP and known as the People’s Mayor and Urban Mechanic. Author of Mayor for a New America. 

Gertrude S. Galloupe (1897-1984) Born in Sweden. US Navy Reserve Yeoman(F) at the Boston Navy Yard during WWI. 

Flora D. Holtham (1885-1918) Died on the SS City of Athens struck by a French cruiser in dense fog on route from NY to Savannah. O Olive Gertrude Homans (1879-1899) Child actress lived on Gordon Avenue in HP. Best known for her role as Little Lord Fauntleroy. 

William Henry Barritt (1848-1920) Portrait photographer and documenter of HP’s history. Photographs on HPHS website. 

James Monroe Trotter (1842-1892) Born enslaved, grew up in freedom. Officer in 55th Mass. Inf. Reg. Teacher, postal worker, music historian and HP landowner. In 1887 was appointed Recorder of Deeds for Washington DC, by President Grover Cleveland. 

William Monroe Trotter (1872-1934) Grew up in HP. At Harvard he was the 1st Black to receive Phi Beta Kappa honors. Co-founder/editor of the Boston Guardian. An activist for equality and social justice. 

Geraldine Pindell Trotter (1872-1918) Born into Boston’s Black upper class. A civil rights activist, editor, and philanthropist. 

Brigadier General Henry Beebee Carrington (1824-1912). Helped organize the Republican Party in 1854. Union officer in the Civil War. Commander of the Mountain District during Red Cloud’s War. He was a lawyer, professor, and the author of Washington the Soldier and Battle Maps and Charts of the American Revolution. 

                           If you visit this Spring you will see daffodils at most of these graves and at a few others. This is the 1st year we’d planted bulbs, donated by the City of Boston, to brighten up and beautify the city. Hopefully the bulbs survived the winter and the squirrels.