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Hyde Park Historical Society

The Hyde Park Historical Society was founded in 1887 by Theodore Dwight Weld, an architect of the American abolitionist movement . The society maintains a unique collection of historic publications, images and artifacts dating from before the founding of Hyde Park in 1868. The historical collection is housed in Weld Hall - named after our founder - in the Hyde Park Branch of Boston Public Library.

From the founding of Hyde Park by the twenty associates of Fairmount Hill to the Civil war and the military encampment at Readville, with its story of the 54th and 55th African-American regiments, Hyde Park's early history includes events of national importance and stories of leading abolitionists, temperance activists, and women's rights activists. A cradle of early manufacturing and the industrialization of America, Hyde Park has a rich history and many stories still to tell.

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"A special Kind of Evil..." 11:00 am Saturday, October 21st.  Join us for a behind the scenes look at solving a 1991 Hyde Park cold case, with retired Lieutenant Detective, Stephen A. Murphy and retired Captain Timothy J. Murray. See the Flyer here.

"The Sergeant: The Incredible Life of Nicholas Said" 11:30am Saturday, October 28th. Kidnapped into slavery to eventual acclaim in the American Civil War. Author talk with Pulitzer and Polk prize winner, Dean Calbreath. See the Flyer here.


Women of Hyde Park - Boston Women's Heritage Trail.     This walking guide highlights the location of the 1870 Women's march and vote, and the homes of seventeen Hyde Park women, among them suffragists, educators, abolitionists, authors, and businesswomen. View or download the PDF here.

Hyde Park Black History Pamphlet. View or download the PDF here.










Hyde Park Notable

  • The 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment were trained at Camp Meigs in Readville. The 54th was one of the first official African American units in the US armed forces, which saw extensive service in the Union Army during the Civil War. Read Camp Meigs and the 54th
  • Hyde Park played an early role in the advancement of women’s voting rights, when in 1870, 47 Hyde Park women, led by the Grimke sisters, flouted the law of the land and voted in an election—50 years before the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote in 1919. Read 1870 Women's March and Vote


On March 15, 1887, the Hyde Park Historical Society was formed and a constitution was adopted. That constitution defines our mission and the ongoing duty of our members as follows.

The object of this Society shall be the promotion of the study of history with particular reference to that of Hyde Park, the preservation and perpetuation of the memory of persons and events connected with said town and the collection of objects of historic interest. It shall be the duty of members so far as it may be in their power to carry out the objects of the Society by collecting by gift loan or purchase books manuscripts and pictures and by such other suitable means as may from time to time seem expedient.

The Hyde Park Historical Society gained recognition as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization as of March 31, 2021. Donations to the Society are tax deductible.

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    Membership of the Hyde Park Historical Society

    The society organizes a series of meetings, typically eight per year, and invites a distinguished guest speaker or a society curator to present on a topic at each meeting. These presentations provide a unique insight into the fascinating story of Hyde Park.

    Society meetings are held at the collection room – Weld Hall in the Hyde Park Public Library – giving members a regular opportunity to view the collection, meet other members, and undertake their own research.

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    The Hyde Park Historical Society gained recognition as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization as of March 31, 2021. Donations to the Society are tax deductible.