Points of Interest in Fairview Cemetery

Fairview Cemetery  in Hyde Park was established in 1892 and is a wonderful place to wander for exercise, nature and history. The Friends of the Hyde Park Library and the Hyde Park Historical Society have prepared a self guided  tour of gravesites and monuments of interest. The decision to do this developed from interest generated by the fund raising project to purchase a grave stone for Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler, the 1st Black women physician in the US. (1864).   You can learn about this successful Crumpler Fund  project at friendshplibrary.org.

Learn about some of the people buried in  Fairview Cemetery by downloading  this  self guided tour.


If you visit this Spring you will see daffodils at most of these graves and at a few others. This is the 1st year we’d planted bulbs, donated by the City of Boston, to brighten up and beautify the city. Hopefully the bulbs survived the winter and the squirrels.

Information about the people and monuments included in this tour will eventually be added to  the site, so check back. Currently in the collection on this site you will find photos of : D Higgins, WH Barritt, JP Trotter, and  General Carrington.