President of Hyde Park Historical Society

Michael King – President

Michael King was educated locally and was graduated from the University of Massachusetts in Boston after serving in the United States Navy aboard an ammunition ship during the Vietnam War. He has been a member of Hyde Park Historical Society for over 30 years. He is also a member of Weston Historical Society, the Boston Athenaeum, and the Disabled Veterans of America. He enjoys history, biography and nature. Michael wrote and produced the short film The Civil War Dead of Weston, to commemorate 300 years of the Town of Weston (1713 – 2013).

Officers of Hyde Park Historical Society

Tom Sullivan – Vice President







Mimi Turchinetz – Secretary







Patrice Gattozi – Treasurer







Barbara Wicker – Collection Curator







The Society Board of Directors and Curators:

Elisa Birdseye
Peter T. Brown
Trudy Creedon
Vicky Gall
Patrice Gattozzi
Michael G. King
Darlene Smith
Janet Smith
Tom Sullivan
Mimi Turchinetz
Barbara Wicker

Associate Curators:

Steven Morris
Thien Simpson